fuzzyTECH 8.30

From this section you may install fuzzyTECH as well as documentation and related information. If you don't have a license, or if your license is not valid for this release, fuzzyTECH will run in demo mode only. In this case saving of files and code generation is disabled.

  Please read the entire page before you start the installation  
InstallShield PackageForTheWeb Install fuzzyTECH 8.30c (30-Sep-2016) by clicking the brown InstallShield button.  The PackageForTheWeb button lets you download the complete fuzzyTECH Setup as self-extracting file (33 MB).

Installation Key
Once the Setup is running, you will be prompted for an Installation Key. This key determines which fuzzyTECH components must be installed for your fuzzyTECH product type. If you are a licensed user, the Installation Key is printed on your delivery note. Otherwise you enter

Release Information 
This release of fuzzyTECH has been designed for Windows 7 (64-Bit) or later. It contains all fuzzyTECH Editions as well as the HyperInference add-on module.