News/INFORM announces fuzzy logic support for all Siemens microcontroller families


With the release 3.0 of the fuzzyTECH™ development system, Inform introduces a new update of Europe's most successful fuzzy logic development system. To support hardware-independent design, system simulation, optimization and implementation of fuzzy-logic based systems, multiple MS-Windows-based Editions of fuzzyTECH have been created:

The fuzzyTECH MCU Editions generate portable C code and optimized assembly code for various microcontrollers and fuzzy logic processors. The fuzzyTECH Online Editions allow you to generate code that can be optimized "on the fly" with a running system and that can be cross-debugged in real-time. Specialized editions support Industrial Process Controller (PLC) and Distributed Process Control Systems for industrial automation and process control applications.

Code Performance Challenges Specialized Fuzzy Processors: The code performance of the fuzzyTECH MCU Editions may even outperform specialized and expensive dedicated fuzzy logic processors. A system of 20 rules, 2 inputs and 1 output computes within only 0.05 milliseconds on a SIEMENS 80C166 (20 MHz) with a full 16 bit resolution and 1.4 milliseconds on a standard 80C51 (12 MHz). For the 80C517/80C535, an optimized code generator is included.

Easy Integration With Conventional Code: The fuzzyTECH MCU Editions generate the fuzzy system as highly optimized assembly code. This function then can be called from the user program as either a C or an assembly function. The above mentioned system uses only 430 Byte of ROM on a 80C51.

Fuzzy Logic Coprocessor Boots Performance: For applications requiring even higher performance, the SAE 81C99 fuzzy logic coprocessor is supported by the fuzzyTECH MCU-99 Edition. With a dedicated real-time emulation hardware, cross-debugging of a running system is provided. For the tuning of complex processes, the Online technology of fuzzyTECH even allows for the modification of a running system "on-the-fly".